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t h e   a l l u r e   o f      

s e a   g l a s s...

welcome  to:


   the secrets of 

  "Davy Jones' Locker"...          

   glass from centuries of


sunken vessels, fishing 

boats, cruise

 washed on to the beach

 and re-purposed...the

 ultimate in recycling.

2017 Craft Show Schedule 
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November 25
"Viking Village Holiday Show"

Dec. 2
"WWPS Holiday Craft Show"
West Windsor, NJ

Dec. 17
"Winter Wonderland Artisan Market""
River Horse Brewing Company
Ewing, NJ

As you might notice, we are adding some new and exciting shows, and taking a hiatus from some old friends. But no matter what, you can always 'visit' us on this website, our Face Book page,


    Another Addition to Our Booth!
"neptune's confetti/
took another FIRST PLACE prize
 in the "Jewelry"
of the prestigious 
Wood Street Fair, in Burlington, NJ.
3RD Blue Ribbon 
sure looks nice paired with our 
Blue Ribbons 
Red Ribbon
from the past 4 years!
 We are grateful for the 
acknowledgement from 
the judges, and the
 loyal patronage from 
our customers. 

 Hand picked off sundry beaches around the world, hand crafted in the wilds of New Jersey, these unique wire woven sea glass pendants and earrings of various sizes, shapes, and colors are available in a variety of metallic-tone wrapped settings.

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                              A Completely Unique, One-Of-A-Kind Design!
We were recently contacted by Diane, a customer who had purchased several of our pieces in the past. She asked to work with us on designing a OOAK pendant. She was very inspired by a trip to Bermuda, and wanted to incorporate the colors of island sea, sky, and sand.We offered a selection of Bermuda sea glass, glass beads, and gem chips to incorporate into the project. We planned the piece together, and she and her husband, Les, were very pleased with the results. (You can see Diane's 'Taste of Bermuda" finished pendant below.) We asked her if she would write a review of her experience with 'neptune's confetti', and she was happy to oblige. She sent us this lovely paragraph (below), and we were blown away by the kind words of Diane and Les. We enjoy working with our customers to create perfect and personal pieces!
      {If YOU have  an idea or a special piece of sea glass, 
please contact us through this website!}

   Penny and Brian Jenkins of "Neptune's Confetti" are truly gifted and talented artisans and artists in the truest sense of the terms. They work together and in perfect harmony in order to create amazing jewelry from a wide assortment of naturally-polished sea glass which range in a lovely color spectrum from the subtle to the vibrant. Each painstakingly crafted product is a unique, one-of-a-kind original, a "mini-masterpiece" in its own right, that anyone would be proud to own and wear. We have purchased several of their items, both for ourselves and for friends and family, and we are consistently pleased with the quality of their work. Penny and Brian have the extraordinary ability to envision and then craft each gem-like piece of sea glass into a work of art that is both delicate in design, yet durable in construction. In spite of the work involved in making the jewelry, the cost of each item is extremely reasonable. We, along with our family and friends, wear our jewelry proudly and receive many compliments from admirers regarding these beautiful adornments.  Penny and Brian are knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful, and they are eager to answer and address any questions and concerns regarding their work. They are a joy to do business with, and we eagerly look forward to making further purchases from "Neptune's Confetti" at future craft shows. We are never disappointed with the craftsmanship of Penny and Brian Jenkins.


Diane and Les Breese

Monmouth Junction, NJ

Our Newest "Special Order"!
Debbie sent great photos and wrote us this note:

"Thank you Neptune's Confetti for transforming a beautiful memory of my granddaughter into a unique piece of art that I will always treasure."

      You're so welcome, Debbie. (LOVE the pictures!!!!) 

Do YOU have that "special" piece of sea glass collected from a memorable place? Let neptune's confetti turn it into wearable art! A wonderful souvenir from your trip!
Our Search for 
Sea Glass
The thrill of the hunt...
One of the most delightful aspects of creating jewelry for "neptune's confetti" and "WornElements" is the unending search for beautiful, genuine, quality glass. Whether it has been tumbled by the sand and ocean waves to create luminous sea glass, or smoothed for years by river currents and silt to create "fresh water"  sea glass (also known as "river glass"), it has to be "the real deal". This is easily recognized by the smooth shape, satiny feel, and frosty appearance. These qualities are indicative of many years being spent in the water, causing lime to leach out to the surface and crystallize. This true beauty can not be achieved by man-made methods. 
Our search has lead us in many directions, both geographically and within the realm of the worldwide web. Our painstaking online research has put us in contact with certified authentic sea glass collectors from all over the world, with whom we trade, buy, and barter. We have a chance to hear the exciting back stories of where their glass was collected, be it a "rubbish tip" on the coast of southern England where a ship went down 100 years ago, or the fishing waters of Gibraltar, Spain where constant clamming churns up gorgeous pieces of antiquated glass, to name a few. But our favorite part of this endeavor has to be when we search and collect the glass ourselves. Our first opportunity was our honeymoon trip to Bermuda, which you can read about on our "About Us" page. Next was our first trip to Maine, which is detailed on our "Message From The King" page. Below are photos chronicling  our  glass collecting adventures:
Sandy Hook, New Jersey
Our recent trip to Sandy Hook on a blustery October day proved fruitful! 
On the beach one day...beautiful "micro" necklaces the next!
Monhegan Island, off the Coast of Maine
This tiny island can only be reached by boat twice a day. The rocky coast provides a host of glass collecting opportunities!
Shenandoah River, Virginia
Fresh water "sea glass" or "river glass" was a challenge to find! This picture features a finished piece of jewelry photographed in its "natural habitat" for our website.
Fortescue Beach, New Jersey
One of our best finds ever, and right in our own home state!
Pemaquid Point, Maine
One of the best things about our Maine vacations is our ability to create our jewelry on the very edge of where we found the sea glass!
St. Georges, Bermuda
Here we are taking a break at the very top of the island. This shoreline was dotted with sea glass, as were the other beaches we visited in St. Georges. We collected carefully and only took what we could use. Dont worry, we left THOUSANDS of pieces behind...we can't wait to come back!
                Have that 'special' piece of sea glass 
      you picked up on some memorable beach? 
"neptune's confetti" can turn that treasure into a personal,                   one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art!
                             As we like to say, 
                 "Special Orders Don't Upset Us!"
         Contact Penny using this website or email address
                        on the "Contact Us" page, 
                 and we will work with you to create 
                      something truly original.
Wondering HOW we make 
"neptune's confetti"??? Click below for our latest addition to the website, 
           "From Trash to Treasure: How We Work"
and watch the slideshow featuring the evolution of a pile of sea glass into a pair of earrings! 
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               "neptune's confetti" uses only natural, sea-tumbled sea glass in our jewelry. Period. Nothing equals its natural luster and organic shape. For more information on genuine sea glass, click on our F.A.Q.'s page from the Menu.