e p t u n e' s 

     c o n f e t t i

Like kids in a candy shop, we collected several handfuls of glass, and carried it home with us on the ship. And then we said...


  it all began with a honeymoon cruise...

...and a love of sea glass. Directed by a helpful Bermudian to a little known, well hidden beach, just "between the pink and blue houses, and down some steps..." ; greeted by the sight of more glittering glass than we had ever seen before in one place; looking  like the aftermath of a mermaid's wedding.
              "N O W   W H A T ?"
Too lovely to shut away in a cabinet, too individually luminous to just pile in a jar...and then, inspiration: Brian's skill at basketry translated into an idea for pendants that could be worn as jewelry or hung as decorative items. He approached the project with the same mind-set he brings to his organically-shaped baskets: integrating natural, earthy materials into free-form shapes and patterns. But instead of vessels woven of willow and sea grass, the elements of choice were wire and sea glass. A perfect solution to enhance, honor, and share these gems of the water, and to  elevate the level of appreciation we had for their intrinsic beauty. 
Sharing the woven wire sea glass pendants with others seemed the next logical step. So we needed a name for our little endeavour. The joy with which they were thrown from the sea onto the beach fired our imaginations... what denizens of the deep would toss around these colorful chips with such abandon, and why? Hmmm...wait a minute..."like a mermaid's wedding"...why, we could call them...

      neptune's  confetti

                              And so we did.