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NOW what are Brian and Penny up to? 
Craft Shows! On-Line Stores! Sea Glass Trips!  
When do they find time to design and make all that jewelry?? Oh, right, I forgot: 
 (must be nice...) 

It appears they have been busy during their Craft Show hiatus,creating some new and lovely pieces for you, dear Shoppers. Peruse the List below to start planning your shopping trips and marking your calendars! 

In the meantime, shop til you drop from the comfort of your own dwelling:


Thanks for your continued support and patronage.
See you in 2019!


HRH King Neptune: Greetings, Land Dweller! 
Brian: you doing, King? Thanks for the phone call.
HRH: My pleasure, Earth Citizen. I am speaking with you on my royal 'shell' phone, as I could not get a 'land' line, and have a few questions I believe my subjects would like to have your answers to.
Brian: Sounds good. Shoot!
HRH: WHAT?!?!?  Oh..."proceed"; yes, well...tell me about "WornElements": how does it differ from the exquisite and sublime (and, dare I say, aptly-named) "neptune's confetti"?
 Brian: Well, as you know, "nep con" is strictly genuine sea glass. But I felt inspired to explore other venues of naturally worn and tumbled objects. I became fascinated by glass that had been broken, smoothed and shaped by the silt of rivers as opposed to the ocean...
HRH: Say, WHAT?!?!?
Brian: But river glass lead me to work with sea pottery: broken dish shards that have spent time being polished by yourwaves,Your Majesty.
HRH: Smart man. Carry on.
Brian: Then I was inspired to research other elements beyond water: air, earth, fire. All conspire to affect changes in man-made objects as well as those found in nature...
HRH: You like to yap, don't you, fella..?
Brian: I began to investigate items from antiquity, the ultimate objects "worn" by the "elements" but created by human hands.
HRH: Yada, yada,yada...I'm beginning to be sorry I asked...
Brian: Which, of course, took me on a journey  to the land of my ancestors..
HRH: Politicians? Lawyers? 
Brian: Native Americans, whose respect for the connection of land and nature has always intrigued and inspired  me.
HRH: GET TO THE POINT! Oh, somebody hand me my Trident...I'll give him MY point!!!!
Brian: So incorporating their  hand-knapped arrowheads with my wire-wrapped technique seemed a natural combination. My respect for their history and artistry prevents me from drilling or otherwise disrespecting their intrinsic beauty.
HRH: Do you have any idea how many syllables are in that sentence???
Brian: But I still wanted to explore more historical objects, so my research lead to the "Ancient Ones", the Anasazi people who lived in the southwest a thousand years ago.Their artisans created painted clay vessels of great symmetry and design. Amazingly, shards of these pots have survived with their original painted surfaces intact. They lend themselves well to wire-wrapping...
HRH: And speaking of "wrapping", let's wrap this puppy up and put it to bed!
Brian:...and people seem to enjoy being able to wear a piece of  history! But, of course, I couldn't call these new pieces of earthen artifacts "neptune's confetti", as that title is reserved for sea glass jewelry only. So I had to come up with a new name for our new concept. Penny came up with the name "neptune's confetti" and I thought of "WornElements"! Both concepts share many common design components, but start with totally different foundations. And that's the story of "WornElements"!
HRH: I'm sorry...were you saying something? I must have dozed off. Oooh, look at the time....I've gotta to go; there's a cruise ship full of stomach flu that I must go and supervise. Farewell, fair Citizen of Above the Waves! We Denizens of the Deep approve and applaud your excellent endeavor.
Brian: Um, ok, thanks. 'Bye.


May 21
" Crafts in the Park"
Allaire Village, NJ

May 21
" Crafts in the Park"
Allaire Village, NJ


"Greetings,Land Dwellers! It pleases Me to see so many of you sporting My wonderful sea glass pendants and earrings. Your exquisite taste is commendable. But I have noticed that some of your finery is looking a bit...tarnished...

from constant, fashionable wear. While I applaud your excellent taste, I WILL NOT STAND for anything less than perfection in My stylish, unique, aquatic frippery.  Therefore, as Ruler of All Oceania (and a little town in New Jersey), I COMMAND you to click  on the “F.A.Q.s” in the menu of this website and read all about the  “TLC” your pieces of neptune’s confetti require. I always strive to look my best and I expect all my subjects to do likewise. So heed My Royal Decree, and learn how to make your ‘neptune’s confetti’ jewelry sparkle again like the jewels of the sea, as I intended them to be!


Farewell, Citizens of Above the Waves! 

 (Don’t just sit there…

      F.A.Q.s page ASAP,  people!!!)"

Sea glass, river glass, sea pottery, 
ancient Anasazi pot shards, 
authentic arrowheads,prehistoric shark teeth, abalone shells...
all these can be found in amazing combination with
 "neptune's confetti" 
(For your edification, "neptune's confetti" is the parent company; the idea that got the whole thing going; and is 100% sea glass jewelry. 
"WornElements"  is jewelry made with anything that has been tumbled, shaped, and worn by time naturally. Read more in-depth info about it in Brian's interview with King Neptune, below, left!) 

The Continuing Adventures of Penny and Brian:
"Our Life Revolves Around Sea Glass!"
Our recent decision to vacation in Pemaquid, Maine, was influenced by its proximity to the rocky coast, and the house we rented provided ample opportunities for sea glass hunting! The picture above is of our "back yard" and the photo below is our 'home away from home', the charming "Laughing Gull Cottage".
 We spent hours every day combing our beach for treasures. We were not disappointed!

Blissful afternoons were spent at the weather-beaten old picnic table, sorting glass, 
wire wrapping, and creating jewelry 
in the warm June sun.

The first piece of sea glass Brian found became a beautiful pendant for me! The best souvenir I could ever ask for!
I will treasure it always.

We did take time to appreciate the natural beauty of Maine. It's easy when your cottage overlooks sunset on the bay!

But come  morning we were up with the sun and back to the was a real "busman's holiday"!

Of course, we took some time off from hunting for sea glass to explore the area. We climbed the Pemaquid Lighthouse...
...took the ferry to Monhegan Island and participated in the tradition of building a "fairy house" in the woods of Cathedral Trail (leaving a green chip of sea glass as our "calling card"!)...
...and were excited to stumble upon the mysterious stone "cairns" that appear all over the area! We created several of our own:
But, as with all good things, our vacation came to an end. As the sun set on that last evening, we felt very happy and satisfied with all our adventures and the treasures we had collected.
As a special "thank you" to our landlords, we created a sun catcher made from the sea glass they graciously encouraged us to harvest from their own property.
They were surprised and thrilled with it! The glass sparkled beautifully, suspended from a piece of Pemaquid driftwood.
As we said "goodbye" to 'The Laughing Gull' and set the GPS for New Jersey, we were already making plans to return next June! The countdown is on and we can't wait...