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Everything you ever wanted to know about "neptune's confetti" and "WornElements", but were afraid to ask...
"Where can I come and meet Penny and Brian???"
Well, our 20-20 plans are in the works, and new Craft Show appearances will be announced as they are confirmed! Keep checking our website
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"Is your jewelry nickel-free 

In an effort to make our products affordable and buyer-friendly, we use a variety of reasonably priced findings and fittings. This means the pendant chains and jeweler's wire are plated metallic over brass or nickel. However, for those shoppers with allergy issues, we DO offer  hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel plated or copper earring findings,  both of which are safe for nickel allergies. Look for word  "hypo" on the back of each earring card to be sure they are safe for you.
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Probably the MOST 

Frequently Asked Question 


"How can I tell if something is
genuine, surf tumbled 
sea glass ?"

"neptune's confetti" 
uses ONLY genuine surf tumbled 
sea glass in all its products.
Question: "The chains, wire, and findings 
on my sea glass pendants and earrings that I wear all the time are starting to look a bit tarnished. What can I do?" 
Answer: All silver will tarnish over time, from the finest sterling to the sturdier silverplating.  Luckily, there are products that will help to refresh the shine and luster to your jewelry. Though nothing will completely revive worn silverplate back to it's original state,a quick dip in a liquid silver polish, such as "Tarnex", will shine it up considerably! A small amount in an old glass or ceramic bowl and a soft cloth are all you need. Follow the directions on the bottle,wear protective gloves, and make sure you rinse and dry each piece well. Pendants can be slipped off of the chain and polished separately. (Make sure you don't rub too hard on the wire-wrapped glass; the sea glass can take it, but too firm a polishing can affect the silver tone of the wire!). Another idea is to use a whitening toothpaste and old tooth brush to scrub away the tarnish. Rinse and dry carefully, and buff with a soft cloth. Remember, NO product is going to make well loved/well worn jewelry pristine again,but the patina of aging adds depth and character to "neptune's confetti". (Please DON'T use silver polish or toothpaste on arrow heads, shells, or Anasazi pottery in your WornElements pieces; slip them off before polishing their chains.) 

Question:"Do you hand-pick all your own glass?"

Ah, would that we could! That would be fun, thrilling, adventurous, and...financially debilitating. Sigh...jetting off to  Puerto Rico, and Florida for our  sea glass; heading to the Scottish coast to hunt for pottery shards; going cross country to search for arrowheads and Anasazi potsherds; and ending up scuba diving in cold Pacific waters collecting abalone shells...well, maybe someday.
In the meantime, we have used the pieces of sea glass gathered on our honeymoon (if you don't know our story, go to the "About Us" page on this website), taken several vacations to "sea glass friendly" destinations, (Read all about our "hands on" glass collecting trips on our Home Page)
and received glass collected by friends who travel, but demand has texceeded supply! So we have made connections with reputable dealers in the best locations for our materials, and carefully screen the quality. We spend many hours sorting through large quantities of glass and artifacts in search of beautiful shapes, unique colors, or matching pieces, with only the best of the bunch going on to become "neptune's confetti" and "WornElements".
***Read all about our 
"hands on" glass collecting trips 
on our Home Page***

   "How do you shape your pieces?"

   Luckily, WE don't have to! Mother Nature and King Neptune have done the work for us. Every piece we turn into wearable art has been worn by time and the elements, and is not altered or re-shaped by us in any way. That's why we say our work is so unique, it isn't even the same from left ear to right ear! 

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