Let's Shop!
"Etsy"?     You Bet-sy!!!
The BEST way to shop 
WornElements/neptune's confetti 
is in person, at our Craft Shows. That's where we can put our entire inventory on display! 

Craft Show

Sept. 6 & 7
"Chester Craft Show"
Chester, NJ

Sept 28 & 29
"New Hope
 Arts and Crafts Fest"
New Hope, Pa.

....and more TBA! Keep checking back.


Thanks for your continued support and patronage

But since meeting us "in person" isn't always an option, we have Etsy Stores! They contain samples of our styles and products, and are a "user friendly" way to shop from the comfort of your arm chair! And if you ever see something on our website that isn't on Etsy, feel free to contact us (tap the "Contact Us" button from the Menu) and we can work something out. We're flexible like that! We just love making people happy.



While you're doing your online shopping, check out these great sites from some talented artists: