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By the light of the silvery moon....
Naturally-shaped sea glass "hearts", collected off the beaches of  Puerto Rico, dangle from a 
silver-tone filigree crescent moon...
perfect for your sweetheart!
"It must have been moon glow..."
Calling All Brides!
 Got a wedding coming up? Thinking about your Bridesmaids' gifts?  Nothing says  Summer "Beach Theme Wedding" like  "Seafoam" or "Misty Blue "sea glass necklaces! Harvest Moon Weddings shine brighter with "Amber" or "Root Beer" earrings! "Wedding White" frosted-ware embodies the mood of a Winter ceremony. A piece of "neptune's confetti" jewelry makes a PERFECT "thank you" for any bridal party. Or incorporate pendants into your bouquet for some extra shine. Add a small sparkle to your fella's boutonniere. Any touch that makes your special day more personal and unique is a treasure forever. And, unlike those "cookie cutter" gifts that are bought at the mall, we can absolutely GUARANTEE that no other Bride or their Party in the world will commemorate their day with the same accessories. Your attendants will each receive their own one-of-a-kind dazzlers. How memorable for all involved!
 And, remember: nothing is more traditional at a Wedding than a shower of "Confetti"!!!!!

From new "Crescent Moons", bedecked with  shimmering beads and silver...

...dripping glistening moonbeams of hand picked sea glass..
....to ornaments that Queen Salacia herself would choose (nothing but the best for KingNeptune's consort, after all!) 
    All these and more will be featured at our shows. 
Check them out and let your 
"inner mermaid" swim free!
Ciao, Sea Glass Lovers!

Featuring sea glass fresh from our amico in Italy, these bellissimo Italian sea glass pendants are full of Old World charm!  Look closely: each pendant features beautifully sea-worn glass that was once the top of a Wine Bottle! We say "Grazie" to King Neptune for his fine work with these....hmmm...did he sample the contents BEFORE he shaped and smoothed each piece...? Salute and arrivederci! 
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Fossilized, prehistoric Shark Teeth are featured in our new "Primitive"-style pendants. This line of jewelry incorporates ancient shark teeth along with African trade beads, Native American shell beads, genuine gemstones, and Neolithic quartz beads,with accents of silver tone or wooden beads in a variety of combinations to create necklaces that are 
unique and one of a kind.  
A Vintage Style with a Sea Glass Twist:
-Style Pendants
       In Victorian times, housekeepers pinned brooches to the bodice of their blouses or pockets of their skirts, from which hung small lengths of chain. On these chains would dangle useful items: keys to the pantry, perhaps a thimble to repair the lord's trousers, a small pair of scissors for a quick snip of embroidery thread...things a woman "of her station" would need to run a smooth household for m'lord and lady. These brooches were called "chatelaines", and no mistress of a fashionable household would be caught without one.
       Flash forward a few centuries: "neptune's confetti" has designed a 'chatelaineall their own, reimagined as a pendant!  Similar in design and concept,  we replaced mundane houshold items with sparkling nuggets of genuine Bermuda Triangle sea glass. They dangle off delicate  chains in a variety of lengths, and catch the light with every move you make. "Necessary objects" you ask? Absolutely! What fashionable lady of today doesn't need a splash of color, a smooth talisman to relieve stress, and the reminder of calm blue waters as she deals with the demands of the times?

("Chatelaines" are now available in a variety of colors, styles, and prices on our "Let's Shop" page and at all our Craft Shows. Check the Schedule on our "Home" page.)
Fresh Catch of the Day!

"Baby Abalone Cradles"!
These elegant pendants involve genuine surf tumbled sea glass nuggets, embellished and nestled into the crook of a glistening, iridescent baby abalone shell. Nothing has been drilled; the shells have natural holes, and the sea glass is wire wrapped. 
The cradle varies in size from approximately an inch to an inch
 and a half in total length. Each features a unique shape and color of  shell, sea glass, and embellishments. This pearly cradle is suspended from a 24" silver plated chain with lobster claw fastener.

Available at our Craft Show appearances and Etsy shop.
 " I am planning this week's outfits around my new purchases! I've already gotten a lot of compliments on my abalone cradle, and I'll be wearing it around LBI this weekend!"  
-Kathleen C.
Small, But Mighty: 
check out our
"micro necklaces"!
Tiny chips of sea glass, wire wrapped, embellished, and hung 
on a 16" or 18" silver plated snake chain.

Perfect Petite Presents!
 Gift Bag included, as always
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